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Moori Moori Playfarm and Fat Duck Cafe

Opening days and times

open every day 

Monday-Friday from 10:30 - 18:00

Saturday-Sunday from 10:30 - 20:00


Safety measures

⚪️ Employees are vaccinated.

⚪️ Employees covid examination every 7 days.

⚪️ Hand washing and alcohol points for customers in every zone

⚪️ The service facility is cleaned and disinfected at all times


Cafe zone - The seating area for food & drink are: 

⚪️ Cafe zone on the 1st floor

⚪️ Cafe terrace zone, 1st floor (outdoor)

⚪️ Tummy Hut Zone (outdoor)

⚪️ Cafe zone on the 2nd floor

⚪️ Grass field area (outdoor)


Individual Activity - Open as usual 

⚪️ Animal visiting and egg hunts (one family in the animal house at each time)

⚪️ DIY cooking is limited to 4 families (not more than 4 people per family), no schedule as usual, can do activities all the time.

⚪️ Artwork can be done at various seating points in the farm as convenient as possible.

⚪️ The grass field can be cycled as usual


❌ Group activity - Not open until further notice

Junior farmer activity for private group only with advance booking

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