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Moori Moori Playfarm offers School Tours for children to visit and experience outdoor activities. Our farms promote the exploration of agriculture and farm animal learning experience and include a presentation by our staffs. Farm trips are specially geared toward preschool through first grade. We provide a fun and educational, age-appropriate, hands-on learning experience.

A farm visit will allow students to have better understanding of the ways in which farms operate, but there are many additional topics and subjects that you can build upon to make the most of your time. Some of the more popular topics that schools choose to study while visiting a farm include the life cycles of plants and animals, the farm through the seasons, our relationship with the foods we eat, and food miles. 
Movement Keeps the Brain Active

Outdoor learning environments offer ample room for active play, keeping the mind sharp for prolonged periods and contributing to the development of cognitive skills – an important attribute of creativity. We also offers art&craft activity build from natural, sustainment material.

School Trip

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