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Welcome to Moori Moori Playfarm
Moori is a nature land in Bangkok where city kids can explore and have fun, enjoy the natural life with farm animals such as cow, chicken, ducks, goose, pigs and many more.

Daily kid activities such as DIY cooking, art craft, egg hunts, as well as enjoy family lunch at our "FAT DUCK CAFE"

Kid farm Bangkok
Bangkok kid farm
Kid DIY cooking activity Bangkok
Kid farm in Bangkok
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Animal Visit

Animal Zone 
- - -
Animal lovers cannot miss this. Feed them, hold them, enjoy the moment and don't forget to go for EGG HUNT.
Bring back home the free range eggs

Suitable for all age

Art & Craft

Activity Hut
- - -
Art & Craft
Creativity is a MUST!
Kids can be so amazing when it come to creativity skill. Let them be free and show what they can do.

Suitable for age 1.5+

DIY Cooking for Kids

Tummy Hut
- - -
Take a break, and enjoy the DIY cooking. You won't believe what a master chef you turn out to be. Our popular menu; mini pizza, donut, crepe, waffle and many many mores.

Suitable for age 2+

Summer Camp

- - -

We run summer/holiday camp through out the year

Please check schedule and camp detail

Suitable for age 4+

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